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Where does the highest number of frauds occur? Which are the most virtuous regions instead?

In 2014 we have been able to get a precise map of insurance fraud in motor insurance, collision and comprehensive coverage  and personal injury protection, based on the data collected until 2011-2012 by ISVAP, who processed them for every single district. It has been such an important contribution that it became the most clicked page of the website and appeared at the top of major search engines such as Google and Bing.

In the following years, however, the type of information considered and the way of collecting and processing them had changed making it impossible to have an updated situation of insurance fraud in Italy. The only data available was grouped by regions.

The information we have today is different from the past but it is still possible to get a good overview of the situation.

Incidence of claims with injuries

 Although it is not possible to spot a clear fraudulent activity, it still remains an interesting fact to consider.

In which regions do we register the highest number of claims with injuries in 2017?

TARANTO 28,2%  -10,0%

BRINDISI 27,8% -12,6%

CROTONE 27,1%  -19,2%

FOGGIA 26,9%  -14,2%


Even if the numbers are decreasing they are still high if compared to those of other European countries and other Italian cities with particular winter conditions like:

TRENTO 9,1%  -6,3%

AOSTA 9,1%  -10,7%

VERBANIA 9,0% -17,2%

BOLZANO 8,4%  -9,3%

Puglia and Calabria have always been at the top of the list, especially because of the presence of fake passengers: people not connected to the accident (if the accident itself it true) who ask for a compensation for the injuries they assume to be suffering from, even minor injuries, such as whiplash which the Monti government tried to contain with the 2012 regulations.

Some might wonder why Campania is not one of the first of the list.

Actually, in the list we find cities like Avellino and Salerno at 24% but we don’t find the regional county seat, Napoli,  because historically it has always had a higher number of requests for vehicle damages rather than injuries. But also because in 2017 it had registered a collapse of 35% that had put it at 13,9%, basically at the same level of other big cities like Roma 13,6% and Milan 12,9%.


When it comes to describing insurance fraud, we find the same confirmations of the past.  

In 2018 the region with the highest number of claims with investigations out of the total number of claims reported because potentially fraudulent is Campania with 33%

in second place, surprisingly we find Molise with 24%

and in third place Calabria with 19,7%

the list follows with Puglia 17,8%

Basilicata 17,1 %

Sicilia 15%

Lazio 12,9%

Emilia Romagna 11,8%

Liguria 11,2%

the rest of the other Italian regions are at 10% or less

WITH A NATIONAL AVERAGE OF 13% divided like this:

North 9,3%

Centre 11,8%

South 24,9%

Islands 13,5%

Among the most virtuous are, as always, the regions of Triveneto and Valle D’Aosta:

Trentino Alto Adige 4,1%

Valle d’Aosta 6,7%

Friuli Venezia Giulia 7,5%

Veneto 7,8%

and not far away Sardegna with 8,8%

Source: ANIA

English translation by YL

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